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Hi, there.

I'm Johnny.

My passion for golf began as a self-taught player, learning the ropes through books and YouTube videos. Eager to refine my skills, I sought the guidance of PGA certified instructors, who have coached celebrities and LPGA players. Now a single-digit handicap golfer, I find joy in helping others overcome limitations and reach their full potential on the course. Join me on this journey to master the game of golf together!

Data Driven

  • Driver/irons tune up
  • Short Game
  • Course Mangement
  • Review Launch Monitor Stats
  • Live feedback on the range
  • Private dropbox with personal statistics
  • Upload swing videos anytime
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Personal Coaching

Elevate your golf game. We'll focus on swing mechanics, short game, course strategy, and mental fortitude. Transform your game.

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Bombs away

Discover Bombs Away, our program designed to help you drive the ball longer and straighter with ease! Unlock the secrets to effortless power and precision, and watch your tee shots soar. Sign up now and start hitting those fairways with confidence!

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5 Star Rating

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5 Star Rating

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Let's take your game to the next level!

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